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Directed by Andrea Arnold
Based on the Emily Brontё novel


A fresh and radically distinct take on Emily Brontё’s classic novel from British director Andrea Arnold (FISH TANK, RED ROAD), one of contemporary cinema’s most unique voices. In this adaptation, Arnold forgoes period frills and a sweeping score and strips Brontё’s story to the root of youthful passion, restoring its stark power for a contemporary audience. Heathcliff – in Arnold’s version, a black boy – is taken in by a Yorkshire farmer, Earnshaw. Living in Earnshaw’s home on the windswept moors, Heathcliff develops a passionate relationship with the farmer’s teenage daughter, Cathy, inspiring the envy and mistrust of his son, Hindley. When Earnshaw passes away, the now-grown characters must finally confront the intense feelings and rivalries that have built up throughout their years together. Winner, Best Cinematography, 2011 Venice Film Festival. 35mm.

U.K. • 2011 • 129 mins. • Oscilloscope Laboratories



"Breathtaking… Andrea Arnold does more than just adapt Emily Brontë’s novel of unrequited love; she’s turned it into a feral, impressionistic take on the book’s hormonal passions and overwhelming emotional tidal waves.”
– David Fear, Time Out New York

“Audaciously cutting-edge... As refreshing as a dawn walk in winter on the Yorkshire moors, Andrea Arnold's ‘Wuthering Heights’ shows how 21st century cinema can—and should—go about boldly revitalizing even the most familiar literary properties… with a vivid, urgent vibrancy that instantly and absorbingly erases the gap of centuries."
– Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

“Exhilarating. Brilliant, visceral…a daring raid behind the lines of heritage English Lit.”
– Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Critics’ Pick! Easily the most gloriously feral literary adaption of any canonized work to date. This jittery, elemental take uses impressionistic visuals and unkempt, off-the-cuff style to emphasize its characters’ inner turmoil.”
– David Fear, Time Out New York

“Remarkable. The most atmospheric ultra-realism the story has ever seen, an awesome sense of the Yorkshire landscape, and no small payload of brooding poeticism.”
– Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

“The most radical take yet on Brontё’s feverish 1847 masterpiece of bedeviled romantic love… an unself-conscious assault on the pristine. What makes Arnold’s version sui generis, though, is not the casting of black actors as Heathcliff the boy and the man but he way she replaces the Gothic formalism that characterizes most adaptations of the novel with post-social realist abstraction.”
– Graham Fuller, Film Comment

****! [4 STARS!]
“A vibrant Malickian adaptation.”
– Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

“Highly regarded for her 2003 Oscar-winning short film, WASP, and her 2009 dark drama, FISH TANK, Arnold’s métier is grim and gritty tales of lost youths struggling for something beyond their grasp… Oh yeah, and Heathcliff is black… Arnold cannily embodies his exoticism. ‘Emily Brontё felt different from her society, and, since Heathcliff is Emily, I wanted him to embody that truth as well.’ Arnold’s version brings you in to the gloaming, where pain, love, and longing are hard to tell apart.”
– Hillary Weston, Blackbook