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(1958, Orson Welles) "An hour ago Rudy Linnekar had this town in his pocket. Now you can strain him through a sieve."  Mexican narc Charlton Heston, on a Yankee honeymoon with gringa bride Janet Leigh, finds himself pressed into service himself pressed into service by memorably bloated police chief Welles when a car bomb vaporizes two Tijuana day-trippers. With legendary opening crane shot that follows the actors for blocks; Marlene Dietrich’s deadpan, dark-wigged madam: and an elaborate chase through the canals of Venice… California. Approx. 108 min. 35mm.



“The tallest tree in the wilderness of Welles's post-Kane career… The dialogue is as intricately overlapped as the lighting is cross-hatched; the cameos are as vivid as possible in a black-and-white movie; the camera work and blocking have the coordination of an Olympic pole vaulter.”
–  J. Hoberman

“This marvelously garish thriller has something, but not very much to do with drugs and police corruption in a border town. What it really has to do with is love of the film medium, and if Welles can't resist the candy of shadows and angles and baroque décor, he turns it into stronger dare than most directors’ solemn meat and potatoes. It's a terrific entertainment.”
– Pauline Kael