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(1939, Jean Renoir) Marquis Marcel Dalio's shooting party moves from rabbits as targets to people, with romantic intrigues both above and below the stairs and Renoir's bumbling Octave providing ironic commentary. Cut by the distributor before release; cut again after a disastrous premiere; banned by the government; negative destroyed by Allied bombs; restored in 1959 – to worldwide acclaim. Recently ranked in the top 5 by BFI in their “Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time.” Approx. 106 min. 35mm.



“Realism and surrealism; abstraction and pictorialism; the fragmentation of the narrative corresponding to the ambiguities of the characters; the coolness of satire combined with the warmth of Renoir’s responses to his characters: all finally come together to give us a view of life and love that is realistic, honest, and personal.”
– Richard Roud, Rediscovering French Film

“Perhaps the most influential of all French films, and one of the most richly entertaining.”
– Pauline Kael

“Only Renoir has managed to express on film the most elevated notion of naturalism, examining this world from a perspective that is dark, cruel but objective.”