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(1949, André Cayatte) Romeo and Juliet unfolds in tandem: while the play is location-shot in Verona, 17-year-old Anouk Aimée and Serge Reggiani (Casque D’Or) carry on their own tragic romance — but Aimée’s dad’s an ex-fascist, brother Marcel Dalio (Grand Illusion) is crazed by the war, and family hanger-on Pierre Brasseur is already jealously scheming. Screenplay by Jacques Prévert. Approx 105 min. 35mm.



“The film's sensuous, poetic elegance contrasts with the seamy elements it encompasses (the aging film stars, the young girl's decadent, fascistic family).”
– Pauline Kael

“Though set in Italy, with the Fascist past contributing to the troubles of the star-crossed lovers, it is interesting in retrospect as an indication of the mood of the post-war, pre-New Wave French cinema."
Time Out (London)