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(1968, Sergio Corbucci) Amid mountainous Utah snowdrifts, oppressed Mormons hide out from psycho — even by his standards — Klaus Kinski’s bounty hunters, while JLT’s “Silence,” mute thanks to a childhood neck-slashing, signs on to avenge African American Vonetta McGee’s husband. With chilling Pyrénées locations and brutally shocking climax. Approx. 105 min. 35mm.



“Arguably the greatest spaghetti Western not made by Sergio Leone.”
– David Fear, Time Out New York

“Corbucci's masterpiece. Contains one of Morricone's loveliest scores.”
– Justin Stewart, The L Magazine

“Remarkable! Revels in haunted, unsettling instrumentations and spontaneous quick zooms that anticipate a generation of slasher films.”
- Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

“One of the finest westerns ever. Corbucci’s masterpiece.”
– Alex Cox, The New York Times