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(1928, F. Richard Jones) Gaucho Doug, expertly handling the bolo, defends a holy shrine from a wicked usurper and – in perhaps his fines moments of serious acting – must contend with his infection by the leprosy-like “Black Doom.” Perhaps the fastest paced of the swashbucklers, with a late-silent cultivation of unusual camera angles and movement, and in co-star Lupe Velez a love interest as manic and acrobatic as Doug himself. With Mary Pickford cameoing in a prologue as the Virgin Mary.
Approx. 115 min. 35mm. 




“Knavery, bravery, love and excitement… Doug, with an amazingly slim waistline, is as acrobatic and impudent and ingenious as ever. It is all just about the best entertainment I can suggest.”
– Motion Picture Magazine (1928)

“Ever since the publication of Byron’s The Corsair, the popular imagination has been inflamed by tales of proud and cynical heroes who perform daring feats and display little regard for law and authority… The Gaucho is one of the earliest attempts in American film to deal with the Byronic style of heroism.”
– John C Tibbetts and James M. Welsh, The Encyclodpedia of Novels into Film

“The film is unlike any other that he produced, a work in which theme, not technology, was the experiment, with an artist at the peak of his maturity who was willing to push the scope of emotion rather than the scope of physical production.”
– Jeffrey Vance