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Six-foot-seven, tattooed 38-year-old Dennis is a Danish bodybuilder: 308 pounds of raw muscle that’s made him a world-famous super-heavyweight champion. Yet he still lives at home with a domineering mother, and is so painfully shy that he can’t carry on a conversation with a woman, let alone develop a relationship. Following the lead of other men who trawl for brides in Thailand, Dennis (played by real-life Danish muscleman Kim Kold) travels to Pattaya, a hub of the sex tourism trade. Turned off by the scene, he frequents a local gym where he meets the owner, a young widow, with whom he becomes close. But how will he introduce her to his maniacally possessive mom? This charming debut feature by Mads Matthiesen, a late-adult coming-of-age tale, won the World Cinema Directing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.




“Another high point is Mads Matthiesen’s… Danish charmer TEDDY BEAR… The delicacy of Dennis’s emotions make a startling contrast with his astonishing, mountainous body.” 
– Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

****! [4 stars]
(four stars)
“Critics’ Pick!  Danish bodybuilder Kim Kold gives the performance of the year as a gentle giant looking for love in Thailand. Forget the muscles; he brings the heart and soul.”

– David Fear, Time Out New York

"Critics' Pick!  Kold's depiction of arrested boyhood is unusually heartbreaking."
– Miranda Siegel, New York magazine

“Pivots on both the threat of calamity and on Mr. Kold’s extraordinary performance, which often is heartbreaking in its vulnerability:  He’s a butterfly in a bull’s body.”
– Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

“It's wonderful to see an actor like Kold take over a screen not with his body, but with quiet, precisely calibrated facial reactions, often just using his eyes.”
– Farran Nehme, New York Post

****! [4 stars]
(four stars)
“A heart-wrenching central performance anchors Mads Matthiesen’s intimate, empathetic drama about a Danish bodybuilder who aims to grow up as he nears middle age. Kold single-handedly carries the film, with his quietly powerful portrayal of a gentle soul in a giant’s body.

– Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

“Make a point to see this movie. It’s hard to say what I loved more: Kim Kold’s memorable and subtle performance of a role he seemed perfectly suited to carry in scene after delicate, heartbreaking scene, or the confident, slow but steady burn of a screenplay… TEDDY BEAR has a heart as big as its gigantic leading man, and deserves its place on the growing list of excellent films coming out of Denmark.”
– Dor Dotson, Cinespect

TEDDY BEAR is an original…(a) deeply affecting little film about the oddest of couples, which somehow manages to determinedly sneak its way into your heart.”
– David Noh, Film Journal International online