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(1968, Claude Chabrol) On a Paris bridge, wealthy Stephane Audran (then Mme. Chabrol/Best Actress, Berlin) descends on street artist Jacqueline Sassard (Accident), but later at St. Tropez, architect JLT completes the triangular relationship, and the complications begin. Chabrol’s stylized, dream-like return to international acclaim. Approx. 100 min. 35mm.



“Goes against the flashy camera tricks and fashionable gimmicks of 60s directors... a moody, quiet, highly personal expression.”
– Roger Ebert

"An appreciation of Les Biches depends on an appreciation of the director's attitude toward his characters... It is not Sassard looking yearningly at Trintignant and Audran that is at issue here, but rather Chabrol gazing compassionately at the entire spectacle."
– Andrew Sarris

“A languorous exercise in classy eroticism.”
– Pauline Kael