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(1935, Pierre Chenal) Axe murder of a pawnbroker for the greater good, accompanied by dreams of Napoleonic grandeur: no problem for Pierre Blanchar’s impoverished student Raskolnikov; there’s just all this guilt. And the great Harry Baur’s genially insinuating Inspector Porfiry keeps asking all these questions. Their cat and mouse duel highlights outstanding adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s classic. Approx. 107 min. 35mm.



"Helping to confirm Chenal's position at the forefront of the movement was Ayme's script for the 1935 Crime and Punishment, which, except for its length, was an ideal literary source for the growing tendencies of serious French filmmaking."
– Dudley Andrew, Rediscovering French Film

“Baur gives one of the great performances of any year.” – Pauline Kael