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(1973, Don Siegel) Eponymous crop duster Walter Matthau pulls off a bank job in a two-bit Southwestern town. But then a startling post-heist discovery: there’s too much money. And he’s being tailed by sadistic hit man Joe Don Baker. Approx. 111 minutes. 35mm.



“When critics go on about the glories of an undiscovered gem made
by an under-appreciated craftsman, this is the film they’re generally talking about...
A film you’ll want to champion over and over!”

Time Out New York

“Perhaps Don Sigel’s masterpiece.” – Dave Kehr, The New York Times

“This spectacularly brisk, gorgeously photographed film was perhaps the director's
most personal work… For 1970s crime movie aficionados, an answered prayer.”

– Bruce Bennett, The New York Sun

“A tight, compelling tale with the subtle grace of the craftsman…
A thoughtful, witty caper flick with not a good guy in sight, nor any shortage of creeps and oddballs… Pure pulp!”

– David Wilentz, The Brooklyn Rail