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The theater is located at 209 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014,
between 6th Avenue and Varick (7th Avenue).

Full-sized map of area around Film Forum. 209 West Houston, New York NY 10014C Subway Line E Subway Line 1 Subway Line F Subway LineB Subway Line V Subway Line A Subway Line C Subway Line E Subway Line D Subway Line

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Public Transportation


  • West 4 Street / 6th Avenue (Washington Square) Station:
    • A Line Full TimeB LineC Line Part TimeD LineE Line Full TimeF Line Full TimeM Line Part Time
  • Spring Street Station:
    • C Line Part Time E Line Full Time
  • Houston Street Station:
    • 1 Line

For the most up-to-date subway and bus information, please check


  • 7th Avenue/Varick Street M20 (goes downtown).
  • 6th Avenue & Houston Street M5 (goes cross-town then uptown),
  • Houston Street M21 (cross-town).


There are a few garages west, including an Icon garage on Houston between Hudson and Greenwich.
There is parking in the area on most of the surrounding streets, both metered & non-metered. Unfortunately, there is currently construction occurring on Houston Street so parking on Houston is extremely limited. Parking on 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue, & Varick is metered.